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Starting with the very basics, at Whale Graphics we provide advanced digital printing, cutting and engraving services for all sizes, shapes and materials. From signage for interior and exterior locations to POP materials, construction of trade show stands and 3D signs, our vertical printing unit creates high-quality digital printing products used in a wide range of advertising and promotional activities.

Printing Excellence

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Think Green, Print Green

Eco-friendly digital printing

We may have a soft spot for whales, but at Whale Graphics we share a love for the natural environment and every form of life on the planet Earth. We believe in eco-friendly digital printing and we put that belief into practice every day and at every stage of the production process.

We have reduced our CO2 emissions by installing underfloor heating and cooling and using heat exchangers and pumps. We have placed photovoltaic panels on the roof of our building to generate energy.

At the same time, we use certified materials that are environment- and human-friendly: PVC-free self-adhesives, recyclable raw materials and eco-friendly inks containing no toxic substances or heavy metals. That’s how we make sustainable products while leaving the smallest possible energy footprint.

Whether it’s digital printing or special fabrications and engraving, all processes at Whale Graphics are carried out in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 international standards ensuring that high quality specifications are met and that an environmental management system is in place.

accoustic panels

Acoustic panels

What would you say to a work of art that also functioned to absorb sound and improve the quality of ambient sound in your space? These acoustic panels with special fabrics and digital printing capability can make an aesthetic and functional improvement to your premises while also filtering out noise.

Signs in Braille

All people have equal rights to information and autonomy. But for many of our fellow citizens, that is not always a given. The tactile writing system, better known as “Braille”, can be added to all interior and exterior signs to better serve citizens with impaired vision.

Recyclable & PVC Free materials

At Whale Graphics, we believe in our customers’ power to change the market rules and to shape new, more environmentally friendly attitudes. We are here to recommend alternative solutions and eco-friendly materials for promotional actions, corporate advertising or even home use.